Veridium. Once found in Un'goro Crater's cave.

Veridium is a rare crystalline object found around Azeroth, once held by Malygos, the Ascept of Magic. It's true color was white and transparent and it was held around the neck during the War of the Ancients. The Shard accidently fell into the Well of Eternity, shattering and darting across the fact of the Planet, being lost for centuries until it was found once more and collected, being brought to a cave in Un'goro. A Forsaken zeppelin was travelling across Arathi Highlands when it crashed, all people on board slain. Some bodies had pieces of ice or blade marks, who killed them unknown. The zeppelin had plague on board, a rather large plague worm as well, but what was interesting was a piece of crystal in the zeppelin. Tyrael, advisor to Lord Glalin Thunderforge of Stromgarde, took the crystal and examined it, sending a group of heroes to Un'goro. They went there but found Horde waiting outside and they battled. Suddenly, a crystalline beast from the mountains descended on the group, roaring into the Jungle sky. The beast was white and gray, made of crystals. It defended against the group, sending crystalline fire and spikes at them. Finally the group ended the creature, one of them being trapped under as the creature took out a piece of Veridium lodged in it's chest, stabbing it into the ground as all the Veridium shattered, flying everywhere.

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