Magtheridon. He is rather angry.

The Horde and Alliance rushed through the Dark Portal, battling Demons with Cold steel and wet blood, slicing into the armies of Demons with swift movements, whole battalions being killed as the Demons seem to be winning. But it seems, as the main army moved in from the front, a group of heroes sneak in from behind, striking at the Pit lord commander leading the demonic army. They prevailed in killing the Commander, flying mounts and traders rushing to their respective faction's holds, Thrallmar and Honor Hold. The armies continued to battle demons and amongst themselves, the Fel Orcs the main threat. The Horde ran down the Path of Glory, wielding weapons of destruction as they killed all Fel Orcs in their path, war cries filling the air as the Horde claimed the Path of Glory. They set up an outpost, guards walking up and down as the Alliance moved silently. The Horde continued their warpath, taking The Overlook and The Stadium, followed by Broken Hill. The Alliance were further behind but crept past the breaching walls of Hellfire Citadel. They reached Telhamat, fighting great beasts and a Gargantuan Gronn, the demigods of the Ogres. They reclaimed Telhamat but the Horde were not so pleased. They started bombing from above, only to be cast away. The Alliance then went and targeted Broken Hill but in the end made an alliance with the Horde, using The Stadium as their trading post where the Cenarion Druids watched over. When the Alliance and Horde rejuvenated the crystal infecting Hellfire, life spread around The Stadium. The Horde assaulted Hellfire, killing all Fel Orcs in their path as they broke into the place known as Blood Furnace. They saw an orc named Keli'dan the Breaker, sucking energy from the Pit lord known as Magtheridon. Magtheridon's anger was unyielding, sending shockwaves throughout the Citadel, many of the Horde unable to stay upright. In the end, the group killed Keli'an, only to have Magtheridon break free, rampaging in his lair. The group ran to Shattered Halls, where they found Brutallus, another Pit lord, betrayed them and ordered his demons to attack them. They fought past the demons, working their way to Kargath's seat of power. There, they battled Kargath, but in the end he escaped through a portal to Illidan Stormrage. Once again, Magtheridon let loose his anger, shattering the floor and sending pieces of it floating into the air as fel magic consumed the halls, the heroes getting out in time. They reported to Arathor and Nazgrel, heading out for Zangarmarsh. - Too be continued.

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